Ross Brawn: "Vettel under a different kind of pressure" with Leclerc as teammate

16-07-2019 10:25
by Louis Shaw
Ross Brawn: Vettel under a different kind of pressure with Leclerc as teammate

Formula 1's managing director believes that Sebastian Vettel is under a different type of pressure than the one he is used to dealing with. At Red Bull Vettel was clearly the faster driver at the team but now with Charles Leclerc as his teammate, most of the pressure on the German is coming from the same garage. 

“It’s a difficult moment for Sebastian, as he probably feels under a different kind of pressure than he’s used to, and he must be asking himself what direction he should now go in, given that again this year, his chance of putting Ferrari back on top is slipping away,” Brawn said to

Many believe that Vettel's future in Formula 1 is in doubt but he has made it clear that his aim is to get Ferrari to a World Championship. 

“Sebastian is an incredible driver, as his record shows, but at the moment, he needs to keep calm and to rely on support from his team, which I’m sure he is getting,” Brawn said.

“I reckon there is no other team like Ferrari when it comes to surrounding its drivers with affection and positive energy.”

Vettel will need to rebuild and will hope that his fans at the German Grand Prix give his the extra boost that he needs. 

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