Lewis Hamilton's dad wants Fernando Alonso to return to F1

15-07-2019 08:54 | Updated: 15-07-2019 09:03
by Louis Shaw
Lewis Hamilton's dad wants Fernando Alonso to return to F1

Lewis Hamilton's father, Anthony Hamilton, believes that Fernando Alonso "left the sport too early" and should return next season. There are rumors that the Spaniard will return to the sport but he has fallen out with a number of the big teams and McLaren have already confirmed their line up for next season.  

“Personally, Fernando retired too soon, although I understand why he left,” Anthony Hamilton told the Spanish broadcaster Movistar.

“If he returned it would be fantastic. We need someone like him in this sport again.”

Hamilton had a good battle with Alonso during their time together at McLaren and seeing them go wheel-to-wheel once again would really be something special. 

However, the problem will be finding a team for him. 

Andreas Seidl has said that there is no space for him at McLaren. 

“If Lando and Carlos are the future of this team, it makes sense that they are the ones who do the testing, which is quite limited in Formula 1,” he added.

Seeing Alonso return would be phenomenal but will only be worth it if we see him racing at the front, pushing Hamilton. 

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