Esteban Ocon confident that there will be opportunities to drive in F1 next season

14-07-2019 08:57 | Updated: 18-07-2019 09:26
by Louis Shaw
Esteban Ocon confident that there will be opportunities to drive in F1 next season

Esteban Ocon's Formula 1 future is in doubt after Mercedes boss Toto Wolff suggested that he would not be changing his driver line up any time soon. After the 2018 season where Valtteri Bottas failed to perform, it seemed that Ocon might have been offered a seat at Mercedes for 2020 if Bottas had another poor season. The Finn has done well though leaving the Frenchman in a difficult place. 

Wolff said that he would be prepared to release Ocon from his Mercedes contract to open up opportunities at different teams. 

 “This is fantastic,” Ocon admitted. “It really means Toto and my team are fully supporting me and want me back in a car no matter how.

“When I hear that’s it’s very special to me. They really believe in me.”

“I need to be back in Formula One – we’ll see,” he said. “But it’s my target to be in a competitive car.”

When asked what team or driver he would like to replace Ocon was reserved in his answer but made it clear that he thought he was good enough to be in the sport. 

“I’m not in a position to judge anyone," Ocon told PlanetF1. "Though some drivers are doing a better job than others. At the moment [my team is] trying to find solutions, there are discussions ongoing with many different teams.

“But at the moment it’s only talks, and I’ve learned that until the contract is signed, the seat is never for sure.

“But there will be opportunities, and we’ll have to work to see what'll be possible next year, but at the moment it’s going the right way.”

It will be interesting to see where Ocon ends up and if he will be racing in Formula 1 next season. 

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