Lando Norris: "Compared to Lance Stroll, my father is not nearly as wealthy"

11-07-2019 08:41
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Lando Norris: Compared to Lance Stroll, my father is not nearly as wealthy

Lando Norris comes from one of Britains richest families but doesn't want this to be a topic which surrounds him. Formula 1 is all about money and some drivers pay teams for their seats. Norris is not one of these drivers and at just the age of 19-years-old has impressed McLaren enough to be held onto for next season. 

Norris has had success in the junior formulas winning the European F3 title and finishing second in F2 last season. Even at these levels of racing, the Brit would make the most of his families wealth by having physios and chefs come to races with him.  

Adam Norris retired at the age of 36 with a net worth of around £250 million. 

“I don’t really like to talk about it, but compared to Lance Stroll, my father is not nearly as wealthy,” Norris was quoted by GrandPXnews. 

Lawrence Stroll is incredibly wealthy and is thought to be worth about £2.6 billion. Having bought Racing Point it is clear that there is a difference in their levels of wealth. 

Norris doesn't believe that having a rich family is what will lead to success in Formula 1 but instead believes that him doing his training and making sure he is living clean is what will get him to the top. 

“I do not want to end up blaming myself for failing,” he said. 

You need to have money to support a karting career and to get into any level of motorsport. Norris' family have supported him in his dream and will hope to watch him go on to succeed in the sport. 

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