Formula 1 teams against multiple tyre suppliers

08-07-2019 13:01
by Louis Shaw
Formula 1 teams against multiple tyre suppliers

Formula 1 is set to undergo some major rule changes for the 2021 season and Pirelli have said that they are willing to compete against a rival tyre supplier if the FIA believe that would be best for the sport. However, F1 teams are against this and believe that sticking with one supplier of tyres would be best for competitive racing. 

"In the current generation of Formula 1, multiple tyre suppliers don't really fit with the model," said Red Bull's chief engineer Paul Monaghan to 

"We don't go tyre testing every week and tyres per se are not a prime performance differentiator so at the moment our current working philosophy, if you like, is to have a single supplier." 

"It would change everything that is on the table now and I believe plans for the future if we were to bring in multiple suppliers. 

"I don't know if you would close the field up or spread it out in that circumstance.

"At the moment, we're not really equipped to go down that route." 

Pirelli has a contract to supply Formula 1 with tyres until 2023 and it seems that if the F1 teams get their way then they will remain the single supplier. 

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