Toto Wolff says Ferrari are the best based on "pure performance"

07-07-2019 11:58
by Louis Shaw
Toto Wolff says Ferrari are the best based on pure performance

Toto Wolff believes that Ferrari should be more competitive than they have been so far this season and thinks that the Italian team lost momentum after the disappointment of Bahrain and Baku. The Mercedes Boss admits that he was "worried" during Winter testing when he first saw Ferrari and thinks that it is possible for them to bounce back over the next few races. 

"I think somehow the momentum that Ferrari had in Bahrain was lost because they had the quickest car and they should have won the race with Leclerc," Wolff told Autosport.

"Charles was the quickest guy in Baku, before his crash in qualifying, and Sebastian was in the lead in Montreal before the penalty came. So it could easily have been very different based on pure performance."

During Winter testing Ferrari looked like the team to beat and Wolff admits that he did worry that Mercedes would find themselves behind them. 

"I was worried," Wolff admitted. "I wasn't worried about the first test, because in the first test we saw a very impressive Ferrari.

"When you stood out [by the] track, you could see the braking into Turn 1, and Turns 2 and 3. They were mighty.

"You could see on the track that the Ferrari was really good, but then I knew that we would bring an upgrade package that would completely change the car." 

Wolff seems to be suggesting that Mercedes have not been as dominant as it would be easy to assume. Ferrari have had a lot of bad luck and have made some questionable decisions in terms of strategy. Perhaps we will see the real Ferrari at the next few Grand Prix's. 

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