Marko reveals that Red Bull could have left F1 if Austrian win was not given

06-07-2019 17:20 | Updated: 06-07-2019 17:33
by Louis Shaw
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Marko reveals that Red Bull could have left F1 if Austrian win was not given

Helmut Marko has admitted that if their race win at the Austrian Grand Prix had been taken away from them then the team would have been forced to think about their future in the sport. Max Verstappen overtook Charles Leclerc in what was a controversial decision which split Formula 1 fans. The stewards decided that the overtake was fair therefore giving Verstappen and Red Bull the race win. 

"If the victory had been taken from us, that would certainly have had an impact," Marko said to about the teams future in F1. 

"We were not speaking concretely about what we would do. But we said: 'So Formula 1 is not interesting.' There you can use the words of Max, when he said: 'We may as well stay at home.'"

"Of course I would have been upset too, but I always said there have to be different rules: first of all, not so many things should come to the stewards, and secondly they should not be forced to pronounce a punishment at once and have much more leeway in their decisions."

Red Bull got the decision that they wanted and look set to remain in the sport. They have worked with Honda now and it seems unlikely that as they start to get results that they would even think about leaving the sport. 

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