Pirelli could use 2020 prototype tyres before next season

06-07-2019 16:01
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Pirelli could use 2020 prototype tyres before next season

Formula 1 could start using Pirelli's 2020 tyres before the end of this season. A number of teams have been vocal in their criticism of the 2019 rubber but it was voted that the sport would not return to using the 2018 compounds. Pirelli have therefore suggested bringing forward the use of next years tyres meaning that Formula 1 could be using prototypes for the rest of the season. 

“It is possible because the current regulations allow us to do that,” Pirelli's Mario Isola said to Motorsport Week when asked about using the 2020 tyres. "We can supply two additional sets of prototype tyres for evaluation during Friday.

“There was also discussion to slightly change the regulations, to understand if different tyres can be used during the race weekend, not just in free practice.

“This is a completely new idea and it has to be evaluated and discussed," he added.

"The FIA should come with a wording to propose but we are open to evaluating that and we will continue our development tests."

It would be interesting to see if Formula 1 allows the use of these 2020 prototypes and whether the tyres suit the teams that are complaining about this years. After already having a vote on tyres the FIA may hesitate before asking the teams to vote again. 

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