Alonso on F1 return: "I would return if I wanted to"

06-07-2019 13:15
by Jake Williams-Smith
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Alonso on F1 return:  I would return if I wanted to

Fernando Alonso has commented on a potential return to Formula 1, saying that he would come back to the sport "if he wanted to".

There has been a huge amount of speculation surrounding the future of the two-time Formula 1 World Champion, including his links with McLaren reportedly ending.

Despite the rumours, Alonso seemed to deny them with a cryptic tweet on Saturday and recently told Spanish media that a return to the sport would solely be down to if he wanted it or not.

"I would return if I wanted to," he is quoted by Marca.

"Everyone said last year that I would not leave if I had a competitive car, but now I'm leaving a competitive car that is first and second in each race.

"Unlike the Dakar or another category, I have nothing to prove in F1. I retired with 21-0 [qualifying record] over a teammate, which has never happened before.

"I didn't leave for competitiveness, but for the things I like to do or to take impossible challenges that I try to make possible."

Alonso also commented on the current landscape of F1, adding that he didn't miss F1.

"Not really. Of course I watch all the races and it's more of the same," he said.

"Some teams like Haas or Renault are a little worse than last year, and some like McLaren a little better.

"But Mercedes are first, Ferrari second and Red Bull third, which we have seen for many, many years. Formula 1 is a championship that is about the performance of the car."

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