Fernando Alonso splits with McLaren

05-07-2019 14:16 | Updated: 05-07-2019 16:06
by Louis Shaw
Fernando Alonso splits with McLaren

It is thought that Fernando Alonso and McLaren have ended their partnership after a failed attempt at the Indy500. After Alonso left Formula 1 the Spaniard became an ambassador to the company. It has been rumoured that this relationship has ended meaning Alonso is free to race for any team in any Formula. 

"Fernando, like all McLaren drivers past and present, will always be part of the McLaren family and we have a strong relationship with him.

"We have no plans to run him in any further F1 test sessions this year as our focus remains on both Carlos and Lando. He is free to pursue other opportunities in motorsport and we would support him in doing so."

Alonso is trying to complete the Triple Crown and a win at the Indy500 is all that is left for him to do this. After two failed attempts with McLaren Alonso decided to amicably end the relationship with the team. 

It will be interesting to see what Alonso does next and if he will ever manage to complete the prestigious Triple Crown. 

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