Vettel: Formula 1 needs to look at itself and ask questions

05-07-2019 17:04
by Matt Gretton
Vettel: Formula 1 needs to look at itself and ask questions

Sebastian Vettel lost a race this season because of a penalty which has caused plenty of debate. And last week during the Austrian Grand Prix, his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc wasn't rewarded when he had a mini tangle with Max Verstappen

In conversation with the Austrian ServusTV, the German gives his opinion about the current state of Formula 1.

“Formula 1 has to take a step back and get itself back on track. The question 'what do we want to achieve' really needs to be asked. Does it want complexity, does it want to remain at the top of technological developments, or does it want to remain accessible? And does it want to remain an entertaining sport or not? I think if you could reduce the current book with rules to 2 A4 pages, you would have a lot more room to choose your way."

The future of Formula 1 looks strong with the likes of Leclerc, Verstappen and Lando Norris showing good skills. However, the four-time world champion isn't confident that they'll be needed by the time they reach their peak. 

“If you look at the flexibility of Formula 1 and which way we are going, then the drivers will eventually disappear: Somewhere in the coming decades. I don't think that's really a fun sport," Vettel added. 

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