Steiner dubs Haas race performance as "negatively amazing"

01-07-2019 13:16
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Steiner dubs Haas race performance as negatively amazing

Haas F1 team principal Guenther Steiner has been left puzzled by the performance of his team during the Austrian Grand Prix, as once again, the drivers struggled massively to get the tyres in the right window.

Kevin Magnussen had a superb lap on Saturday afternoon at the Red Bull Ring as he clocked the fifth best time, but with his grid penalty, he dropped down to P10. Directly behind him was Romain Grosjean in 11th. 

With the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix, the best race in Haas history as Grosjean and Magnussen finished fourth and fifth respectively, in the back of their minds, the duo must have been up for the race.

However, as soon as the lights went out in Spielberg on Sunday, it happened again. The race pace was nowhere to be found, and the black and gold cars started dropping down the grid, as we've come to expect at this point.

Magnussen got a drive-through penalty as well for having an illegal starting position (his car was about two feet ahead of the line where he had to park), and Grosjean finished in P17, while the Dane finished penultimate in P19.

“A disappointing race, obviously," team boss Steiner said afterwards.

"Running around like that is negatively amazing. After qualifying in fifth position, to then have a race like this, I can’t say anything other than it’s disappointing.

"We’ll keep working on it, try to get a better understanding of why this kind of performance is happening from qualifying to the race. We just do not understand it, at the moment we have no clue.”

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