Magnussen responds to Haas' criticism: "We're a very young team still"

27-06-2019 18:27
by Louis Shaw
Magnussen responds to Haas' criticism: We're a very young team still

Kevin Magnussen is aware that Haas are not where they want to be but has said that it is unfair to be critical of the team given their relative inexperience to other teams. Haas have not been in Formula 1 long and this is why Magnussen believes that they have struggled to perform this season. The team will hope that they can improve on the results from the French Grand Prix and get some points in Austria. 

"I think we need to be careful about being so critical of our situation," Magnussen said to the Official F1 Website. "I think it's not ideal and we certainly have a lot more potential in the car. There are some things that we don't understand that means we are very inconsistent but the team has come a long way since the beginning and it's near the beginning for Haas. We're a very young team still. 

"We're lacking not only resources but experience compared to all of the other teams so I think we are still performing at a very impressive rate and we are improving, learning and growing as a team.  

"We are frustrated because we want more but if you take a step back we aren't doing a bad job." 

Haas looked very fast during winter testing and the team will hope to unlock some of that speed this weekend. It's easy to forget how young Haas is and perhaps pundits and the media are too critical of the team. 

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