Wolff thinks it'd be unfair if Formula 1 changed the tyres mid-season

27-06-2019 08:05
by Matt Gretton
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Wolff thinks it'd be unfair if Formula 1 changed the tyres mid-season

The tyres have been one of the talking points of the season. Seemingly, only Mercedes can manage all of the compounds well enough. Other teams, including Red Bull, has suggested Formula 1 should change back to the 2018 set of tyres but Toto Wolff says this will be unfair. 

As was the same in Paul Ricard, the temperatures across the Austrian Grand Prix weekend are expected to be really hard as mainland Europe is hit with a heatwave. These conditions, as well as the type of track, could make the Pirelli rubbers wear down fast. 

Last year, the tyres had a thicker thread which made them easier to manage when the extra strain was applied. The Mercedes boss is expressing his thoughts about the situation nice and early.

"As a sportsman, I think F1 should not adjust the tyres because some teams handle them better than others. It's just like entering a 'balance of performance' in which you are going to punish top performance anyway," Wolff told Motorsport.com

Wolff isn't alone. Claire Williams, Cyril Abiteboul and Frederic Vasseur all agree with the boss from the leading team. The Renault team principal doesn't like any changes like this mid-season. 

"I never really like a sudden reaction during the season," Abiteboul supported Wolff. 

"I compare this to when teams with little downforce would say 'we only want to ride in Monza, Montreal or on similar circuits'. At some point you just have to do with what has been determined," Vasseur, the Alfa Romeo boss said. 

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