Binotto reveals how Ferrari will try to catch Mercedes

26-06-2019 18:09
by Adam Newton
F1 News
Binotto reveals how Ferrari will try to catch Mercedes

Eight races gone, eight wins for Mercedes and none for Ferrari. Something needs to change and Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto believes he knows what his team should be doing to close the gap.

Ferrari's strength this year has been straight-line speed, but they have rarely been close enough to Mercedes to utilise this speed.

Therefore Binotto has decided that the team will concentrate on improving their downforce, despite the impact that will have on raw straight-line pace.

In an article on, Binotto said: “I think we are looking for eventually more downforce to the detriment of the speed.

"We knew the car wouldn’t be too efficient but giving more downforce to make the tires working, that would be the direction to go.

"I think again on Saturday we’ve seen how difficult it is to make the tires work. I think that is somehow something on which we are focused on.”

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