Vettel admits Hamilton's pace is on another level

26-06-2019 16:13
by Adam Newton
Vettel admits Hamilton's pace is on another level

Sebastian Vettel has conceded that his rival Lewis Hamilton has superior pace over the rest of the field now, after the Brit won his fourth race in a row and sixth of the season with yet another dominant drive in France last weekend.

Hamilton and Mercedes have been an absolute force this season and Hamilton has 76 points more than Vettel already, leading the German to admit his adversary has a pace advantage over the rest of the field this season.

According to, Vettel told reporters in Austria: “Let’s stop kidding ourselves, Lewis is playing with us. I risked everything to do the fastest lap, but Lewis did the same lap time on worn and blistering tyres.”

Vettel did manage to take the bonus point for fastest lap, but only just, and on much newer tyres than Hamilton, showing the true speed the Mercedes driver has.

Vettel looked forward to this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix, adding: “In the end, we have to find more downforce, then we will be able to use the tyres better. Maybe we should drive on the old Osterreichring, where there aren’t many corners.

“It is difficult to get everything right on this track even though it’s a very short lap. It is crucial to get a good qualifying position in order to have a good race.

“It is definitely one I want to win. We have been on the podium in the past, so now we will be back to try and win."

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