Red Bull missing 60HP with Honda engine

24-06-2019 07:59 | Updated: 24-06-2019 09:24
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Red Bull missing 60HP with Honda engine

Former Formula 1 driver and now Ziggo analyst Robert Doornbos believes the Honda engine is 60HP short compared to Mercedes. Doornbos, who drove for Red Bull, still has contacts within the team and has revealed the inside information.

"You can really see that he is doing well, building up pressure within the team," Doornbos begins his analysis by giving his latest assessment of Max Verstappen.

"He is still very relaxed in his comment. He does his thing but says: Red Bull, you have to go to the bucket and Honda, you also have to go to the bucket. They are still sixty HP short. Sixty, I know, because I still have a bird here and there. That is bizarre, but about the same as with Renault during the bad period. Honda just needs to work a little harder to get to the right level. And of course Red Bull also with the chassis."

“The point is that it is difficult. The engines are so technical that it is difficult to find the perfect balance. More power is usually accompanied by poor reliability. Honda has had so much name damage that they don't dare push. But in this way, they force themselves into a corner that even Red Bull immediately says: you have to."

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