Bottas focusing on "small margins" in Hamilton title fight

21-06-2019 09:19 | Updated: 21-06-2019 09:59
by Adam Newton
Bottas focusing on small margins in Hamilton title fight

Valtteri Bottas is still fully focussed on taking the fight to Lewis Hamilton this season, even though his recent form has not been as strong as his scintillating start to the season.

Bottas has been forced to watch his teammate take the last three F1 victories, and he even missed out on the podium after a terrible Canadian Grand Prix two weeks ago.

The gap to Hamilton is now 29 points, more than a whole race win so Bottas needs to improve soon, and he has no doubt he will bounce back. 

He said in France: “The points gap to Lewis… it’s still manageable.

“It’s 14 races to go and that’s a lot of points, so I just need to try and get those wins now, get the big points.

“It’s super competitive [between Lewis and I] for sure this year.

“I think the momentum is going to change from one to another during the year, and for different reasons, I haven’t been quite able to maximise the points in the last two races.

“But nothing has changed in a way, so just again, a complete reset from Montreal, move on and try again here.”

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