Zandvoort to make changes to allow overtaking at Dutch GP

18-06-2019 19:27
by Adam Newton
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Zandvoort to make changes to allow overtaking at Dutch GP

The Zandvoort Circuit is set to make radical changes to its track to allow a greater opportunity for overtaking at the 2020 Dutch Grand Prix.

The race was confirmed for next season last month, but worries had been raised about whether the track would be wide enough to host a Grand Prix, and if it would produce boring racing.

Zandvoort last held an F1 race in 1985 and the track is doing everything possible to make a good race next season, with multiple changes being made.

The Dutch GP's sporting director, Jan Lammers, told "The Gelachbocht, the open right hand corner, Turn 3 effectively, will get a bigger run-off area.

"Turn 4, the Hugenholtz hairpin up the hill, will have a wider inside, to make the corner more fluid, so it won't be a stop-start corner.

"The same thing will happen with the S-chicane, or the Hans Ernst Bocht. That will also become more fluid by putting more tarmac on the inside.

"And then the Arie Luyendyk Bocht will be accommodated exactly to his liking, as it will be a little bit more like Indianapolis, because it will be banked.

"It will be banked in such a way that you can go flat out with DRS open, and in that way we hope to encourage more overtaking for the Tarzan corner. It will be 17 degrees, so the corner will have the same character as the last corner in Brazil."

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