Pirelli are "changing approach in how compounds are designed" for future years

18-06-2019 14:20
by Louis Shaw
Pirelli are changing approach in how compounds are designed for future years

Pirelli are preparing new tyres for 2021 as they prepare for Formula 1's major rule changes. The tyre company hopes to create a tyre that pleases more of the teams and will hope that they will be easier to use than the tyres of this season. This year teams have struggled to get the tyres into the right windows and there have even been calls to return to last years compounds. 

Speaking about the calls to change the tyres, Pirelli boss Mario Isola said that they would aim to make the tyres more manageable for the years to come. 

"Obviously I take any comments coming from the teams on board," he said to Auto Bild.

"Whether the window is narrower or not, they are asking for a wider working range," Isola continued. "What is clear is that we have to work in the future to have a wider working range.

"Obviously we are designing new tyres for 2020 and also for 2021, considering the plan to remove blankets. So we are changing the approach in how we design the compounds.

"We will evaluate if we want to introduce something new for 2020 to test, also for 2021.”

It will be interesting to see what Pirelli do as it is clear that the tyres need to change for next season to make Formula 1 more about the cars and less about the tyres. 

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