McLaren certain that Lando Norris' failure in Canada is "not an ongoing issue"

18-06-2019 13:53
by Louis Shaw
McLaren certain that Lando Norris' failure in Canada is not an ongoing issue

McLaren have revealed what caused Lando Norris' suspension failure during the Canadian Grand Prix. The team have said that it was a one-off issue and it is not likely to happen again. McLaren are currently 4th in the constructor's championship and will hope to hold onto this position at the French Grand Prix this weekend. 

"We had high temperatures in the brakes," a McLaren spokesperson said to Autosport. "That caused a component failure, which basically created a localized fire."

"Because it was in an area where there isn't any airflow, it didn't get extinguished, and basically we exceeded the temperatures that carbon can withstand, and effectively that led to the suspension giving way. 

"We're clear about what happened, so it's not an ongoing issue, it was a singular event." 

Up until the issue, Norris had been competing well and was on track for solid points finish. 

McLaren will hope that they have fixed this issue and Lando Norris will hope that he can get an opportunity to perform well this weekend at the French Grand Prix.  

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