Lance Stroll's Canadian engine failure linked to spark plug

18-06-2019 12:59
by Louis Shaw
Lance Stroll's Canadian engine failure linked to spark plug

Mercedes have traced Lance Stroll's engine failure at the Canadian Grand Prix back to an issue with the spark plug. Mercedes supply both Racing Point and Williams with engines and it is believed that they have taken action to prevent the same issue happening again. On the whole, Mercedes' engines have been reliable this season and they will hope that they can maintain this consistency. 

During the final practice session of the Canadian Grand Prix, Lance Stroll had an engine failure and was forced to retire from the session. There were worries that the issue would happen to the other Mercedes supplied cars during the race but nothing went wrong. 

"The origin was a spark plug failure that caused a cascade of other problems, resulting in the engine failure," a Mercedes spokesperson told Autosport"We will have countermeasures in place for this weekend."

Mercedes and their customers will hope that they have fixed the issue and that they can continue their run of reliability during the race. 

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