Chase Carey on regulation delay: "It’s better to do it right than to rush it"

18-06-2019 12:20
by Louis Shaw
Chase Carey on regulation delay: It’s better to do it right than to rush it

Chase Carey has explained why he wants to delay the 2021 rule change deadline until October. The Formula 1 CEO has said that pushing back the date means that the rules can be made properly without being rushed. The sport is aiming to become more exciting and it is crucial that these new rules allow for that and therefore more time could be a good thing for the fans.  

"It makes sense to allow the new regulations to mature until October," said Carey, speaking on Monday night to Austria's Servus TV as quoted by"We are a global sport so there is always a lot to do because we have to take care of many things.

"The Paris meeting is about the future of the sport, what F1 should look like, how the sport can bring more drama to the fans.

"We discussed this with the teams, we spoke with our partner the FIA and we came to the conclusion that it makes sense to extend the deadline for the 2021 regulations and beyond.

"It’s better to do it right than to rush it, so we decided to extend until October."

It will be interesting to see the rules and how much they will improve the spectacle of Formula 1. Hopefully, waiting until October for the announcement will mean that the rules will be better and we can look forward to exciting races in future seasons. 

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