Christian Horner against 2021 rules and proposes change

18-06-2019 12:02
by Louis Shaw
Christian Horner against 2021 rules and proposes change

Part of Formula 1's plans to make the sport more exciting is by introducing a rule that means teams can not work on their cars after they set out for Q1. Red Bull boss Christian Horner is against these strict rules and believes that instead of improving the sport, it could lead to poorer racing. The Brit agrees that rules need to change but disagrees with how strict this new Parc Ferme rule is. 

"When parc fermé was originally introduced, it looked dangerous and raised eyebrows," Horner told"We need to try things like this to find out if it works and has an impact on costs.

"What you want to avoid is that such regulations have unintended consequences. So instead of a strict parc fermé, we would still have the ability to adjust the springs and wings, but the parts may need to be approved.

"Then you have a certain number of parts instead of something two-fold. A number of approved parts that you can use would be a reasonable solution."

The new rules would mean that teams are not allowed to work on their cars. Tyres can be changed, brakes can be bled and cars can be refuelled but anything else would mean a serious grid place penalty or starting from the pitlane. 

It will be interesting to see what rules come into place and whether they succeed in improving the excitement of Formula 1. 

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