Magnussen disappointed: Haas "hoped for more points" at this point in season

17-06-2019 13:22
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Magnussen disappointed: Haas hoped for more points at this point in season

Haas F1 driver Kevin Magnussen has revealed both him and the American team are disappointed with the yield of points they have at this point in the season, as Magnussen sits in ninth place on 14 points.

The Dane has scored the bulk of the points for Haas again at the start of the season, with teammate Romain Grosjean adding just two. With the total of 16 points, Haas sit eighth in the constructors' championship, 14 points behind midfield leaders McLaren.

“I think it’s fair to say we’d hoped for more points than we’ve scored," the 26-year-old said when reviewing the seven-race old season.

"Since we have such a good car, it’s disappointing not to have scored more points than we have. At least it’s good to know we have great potential in the car and we’ve proved that many times in qualifying.

"We just need to work harder to better our understanding of the tires for the races.”

The European tour on the F1 calendar proved to be the best part of the season for Magnussen in 2018, as he finished sixth and fifth in France and Austria respectively. Can the Dane pull off another run like that this year?

“It’s hard to say why it went well last year, but we’re positive going into these European races," he responded.

"We know we have a great car, so hopefully looking ahead we’re going to be able to get lots of points from those races.

"We know the car from last year could do it and we have some good data to compare with, so hopefully we can repeat those good results."

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