Sainz prays for a "driver dependant" future in Formula 1

16-06-2019 08:04
by Matt Gretton
Sainz prays for a driver dependant future in Formula 1

Carlos Sainz hopes that rule and regulation changes make Formula 1 more driver dependent in the near future. The Spaniard looks at Moto GP as an example.

He joins George Russell who earlier last week praised their regulations. Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc said he travelled to the Italian race and enjoyed what he saw.

McLaren and himself are unlikely to finish any higher than P7 during a Formula 1 Grand Prix unless one of the big three has a mechanical problem or crash. This feeling of unable to win races forced Sainz onto the drawing board. He'd just like to see a more driver dependent style, similar to Moto GP's model.

“I know very well [Dorna Sports CEO] Carmelo Ezpeleta in MotoGP, I’ve spoken to him many times about what he’s done and how the manufacturers reacted to them tightening the rules with ECU, etc,” Sainz told Motorsportweek.

“I think the main feedback is they were firstly sceptical obviously but now they are more happy than ever as they are fighting against more people and it makes the brand stronger, as they’re fighting against more brands, so Honda and [Marc] Marquez are even more happy.

“It’s a very good example and it’s something that I would like to see in the future in Formula 1. But I think Formula 1 is a different species definitely, but I hope in the future we converse towards something a bit more driver dependent and not machine dependent.”

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