Verstappen defines Red Bull Formula 1 car as a male

15-06-2019 08:05
by Matt Gretton
Verstappen defines Red Bull Formula 1 car as a male

When Sebastian Vettel was inside the Red Bull garage and producing world championships, each of his Formula 1 cars had a name. Vettel continues this tradition at Ferrari, but Verstappen is not a fan of it.

While most people call cars "she", Verstappen jokes around with Ziggo Sport's Jack Plooji on Formula 1 Café and insists his car is a male. "I never give my car a name, and it is not a 'she' either. It is always a 'him' in my eyes. I think it's a man thing, so to name that after a woman..."

Verstappen admits this view on the gender of the car isn't always a popular one with the rest of the Red Bull team members. "The engineers always talk about how beautiful she looks. I think then: 'what do you mean by 'she'?' It is a he," the Dutchman added.

Vettel won four world championships at Red Bull, and he named his cars: Luscious Liz, Kinky Kylie, Abbey and Hungry Heidi. It's pretty clear which gender he believes a Formula 1 car is.

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