Brown: McLaren considering WEC place next year

14-06-2019 08:22
by Bobby Vincent
Brown: McLaren considering WEC place next year

McLaren boss Zak Brown has revealed the British team may potentially enter the World Endurance Championship in 2020.

The British manufacturer were rumoured to be a team among a group of others who were interested in the WEC for 2020-21 and beyond.

McLaren certainly keeps itself busy in the world of motorsport - with a full-time placement in Formula 1 - as well as competing in IndyCar recently. However, the team suffered a major setback when Fernando Alonso didn't even qualify for this season's Indianapolis 500.

"Now we've got the rule book, we are seriously looking at bringing McLaren back to endurance racing," Brown said, as quoted by the official Le Mans website. "We wanted to be able to use  car we already made with technology we already have.

"And it looks like the new regulations will permit that. We like the look of rules and we are considering taking part in the next WEC. If we want to take part in the 2020-21 season, we've no time to lose. Which means we'll be deciding soon!"

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