Racing Point happy to be performing "like in the old days" in Canada

12-06-2019 18:57
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Racing Point happy to be performing like in the old days in Canada

Racing Point team principal Otmar Szafnauer was happy with the way the team's home Grand Prix went, as he thinks it showed competitiveness like the team did in the old Force India days.

It wasn't the biggest points haul for the team, with Lance Stroll finishing ninth and Sergio Pérez finishing well outside of the points. However, the way Stroll fought his way into the points, starting 17th and picking off cars, was very encouraging for the Canadian team.

"This was a bit of a boost, it shows we can race well, like in the old days," said Szafnauer, who was the team principal already back in the Force India days, to

"Lance did a great job, he looked after the tyre, looked after the brakes, had a good introduction to the tyre so it would last at the end.

"He was being held up by Sainz, and because it took a few laps to overtake him, Kvyat caught him. Then he overtake Sainz, and Kvyat got Sainz almost immediately. But because he had the tyre life left, he pulled away from the Toro Rosso."

The performance came after both cars were eliminated in Q1 on Saturday, with Stroll's engine catching fire just hours before qualifying and the team being forced to run an older spec.

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