Dutch politician wants grid girls at Dutch GP

12-06-2019 14:00
by Bobby Vincent
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Dutch politician wants grid girls at Dutch GP

The PVV party (Dutch political party) believes that Formula 1's decision to take away 'Grid Girls' from the sport is a form of "female patronisation", and they believe they should be re-introduced to the competition.

F1's owners Liberty Media made the decision to remove grid girls last season, in a statement saying that it was against the "family values" that the sport was trying to gain.

With Formula 1 returning to Zandvoort next season, following a 34-year absence from the F1 calendar and Dutch MP Roy van Aalst believes grid girls should be re-introduced to the sport.

"The decision that the FIA has taken is the umpteenth form of female patronisation. Grid girls belong just as much to Formula 1 as the cars.

"Only one a huge idiot can see a beautiful woman as a problem. The rest of the people love it. It is a part of motorsport and the PVV wants us to ensure that next year this beautiful tradition will be restored to its former glory!

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