Magnussen: We can't return to the 70s and 80s-style cars

12-06-2019 13:01
by Bobby Vincent
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Magnussen: We can't return to the 70s and 80s-style cars

Kevin Magnussen has insisted Formula 1 cannot return to what the style of the cars used to be like in the 1970s and '80s.

Magnussen believes that finding the limit in the current cars is already difficult and has insisted the sport should not move back to the slower cars.

The Dane believes that the drivers should be more challenged in the cockpit, something that Lewis Hamilton said in Thursday's press conference prior to the Canadian Grand Prix.

"I think the drivers from the past could probably have done the same, but I think these fast cars really need something extra to get the most out of it," Magnussen said, as cited by

"The limit is so far away, so getting there is very difficult. I am sure that a robot is faster in this car. It is interesting that it will not be long before a robot drives these cars.

"I love this sport because the cars are fast. We can't go back to the 70s because those cars were already on the limit back then. The same goes for the 80s. Even then the cars were on the limit. 

"A car from the 70s or 80s would be too slow now, even though they were on the limit at the time. We cannot slow down current technology. Yet we cannot bring back these cars from the 1970s. I believe we should get the philosophy of those years: cars with lots of noise and lots of horsepower."

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