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No sympathy from Wolff for Vettel and Ferrari

No sympathy from Wolff for Vettel and Ferrari

11-06-2019 10:53

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has shown little sympathy towards Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel for the outcome of the incident on lap 48 of the Canadian Grand Prix admitting it was correct according to the current rules.

The drama occurred when Vettel who was leading the race at the time ran onto the grass at turn four before re-entering the track almost forcing Lewis Hamilton into the wall. The German's re-entry to the track was deemed dangerous by the stewards and he was handed a five-second penalty. He was unable to build enough of a lead over Hamilton and only just remained far enough ahead to beat his teammate Charles Leclerc.

Wolff believes the penalty handed to the four-time World Champion was in accordance with the rules.

“I think the penalty was what the rule says,” Wolff told Racer.

“It was according to the rules, and the stewards are thinking according to the rules.

“If we’re not happy with the rules because we like harder racing, count me in.

Wolff went on to admit he has little sympathy for the Scuderia adding: “I don’t feel sorry, this is a no-prisoners sport."

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