Mercedes will not turn down engines despite Stroll fire

09-06-2019 15:42
by Adam Newton
Mercedes will not turn down engines despite Stroll fire

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that Mercedes will not turn their engines down for today’s Canadian Grand Prix after Lance Stroll’s fire in FP3 on Saturday.

Stroll’s Racing Point which uses a Mercedes engine, had flames billowing out of it during final practice, giving the Racing Point mechanics a lot of work to do ahead of qualifying.

Mercedes don’t know what happened to cause the issue, but Wolff says that engines will not be turned down to try and stop a reoccurrence of the problem.

According to Autosport, Wolff said: "It came as a surprise to us.

"We have been running those engines on the dynos and still believe that what we have seen on the dyno counts.

"You can't turn them down or run them differently because of a failure that is very difficult to judge. So no change from the way we run the engine.

"With mature regulations you're not seeing huge gains anymore with the introduction of new engines, making these smaller steps and reliability fixes.

"I'm of course not happy for Lance and for Racing Point that missed a complete session with a brand new engine that went bust.

"We need to understand what it was, which we don't at the moment. Question marks remain over what happened.”

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