Andreas Seidl hopes for "clarity" with rules for 2021

06-06-2019 18:13
by Louis Shaw
Andreas Seidl hopes for clarity with rules for 2021

Andreas Seidl has joined McLaren and is already looking to make a change and has half an eye on years to come. McLaren has performed well this season and are hoping that they will continue to improve in future years. Seidl hopes that the new rules are clear and that they outline what is allowed clearly. 

"It's more important to have clarity of what we get," he told "We can start thinking about how it affects the structure of the team, and I can start making up my mind how the team should look like.

"But I'm happy with both ways if the regs come now or later. It doesn't change anything.

"In the end, it's like every year, you have to make your mind up how long you develop the current car, when you start with next year's car, when you start the basic concept of the car the year after. So it's nothing new.

"In the end for us, it is more important to have the rules to know where we have to head to, so that we can also make up our mind in how we want to shape the team in the future, in order to be ready for the 2021 regulations. That is the main topic for us."

It will be interesting to see how each team adapts to the new rules and how soon they start preparing for the 2021 season. With Seidl involved, McLaren will hope to be able to be one of the top teams when the rules come into place. 

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