Zak Brown compares McLaren to Mercedes in his quest for a "great racing team"

03-06-2019 08:31
by Louis Shaw
Zak Brown compares McLaren to Mercedes in his quest for a great racing team

Zak Brown has compared his team, McLaren, to the dominant team in recent times, Mercedes. Whilst McLaren have not had the success of Mercedes in recent years, they are starting to rebuild and are looking more competitive each race. 

"If we look at Mercedes winning all the races," Zak Brown said to Autosport. "Yes they've got a great budget, but they are also a phenomenally well-run racing team so they can do the pitstops they pull off. They seem to not have bad weekends.

"That's a great racing team. That's what I'm starting to see here and Andreas is going to make that even better."

Brown praised his teams work ethic and highlighted the things he believes they are good at. 

"Pitstops are really strong. We've had some technical advancement there, that's just teamwork and focus. There's a very positive vibe.

"If you look at things like winter testing, I was very pleased to see we were the first team out on seven of eight days.

"When we had an issue we got right back to being next team out."

McLaren have clearly got the team spirit able of reaching the top of the sport once again and they will hope that over the next few seasons they continue to improve.  

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