Alonso: "If I return to the Indy500, I will pick the most competitive option"

01-06-2019 18:30
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Alonso: If I return to the Indy500, I will pick the most competitive option

After failing to qualify for the legendary Indy500 this season with McLaren, Fernando Alonso has said that if he would return to the famous race in 2020, he would compete to the best option available to him, whether that would be McLaren or not.

Alonso competed with McLaren back in 2017 but failed to finish the race, with an engine issue ending the two-time Formula 1 champion's race early. This year, he was set to compete with McLaren yet again, but things didn't line up for the Woking-based side this year. The team didn't even manage to qualify for the race, leaving both Alonso and the team blushing.

Speaking to Soy Motor at Le Mans, Alonso talked about his options for potentially competing in the 500-mile race next year.

"I don't know," he said when asked whether he would compete with McLaren again.

"I'll have to see what options are available. If I will do Indy again, I'll explore the possibilities and choose the most competitive one.

The Spaniard doesn't consider doing an entire season of IndyCar, like he's done with Toyota and the WEC before competing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

"If I do Indianapolis, the way of doing it would be to do the one race. The entire season is too big of a commitment with an eye on races, preparation... if you go there you fight for the title, not to be a tourist. To fight for the title you need a lot of [time in the] simulator, a lot of preparation. A lot of new tracks. It's too much."

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