Ferrari set to introduce new front wing for French Grand Prix

01-06-2019 15:39
by Jake Williams-Smith
Ferrari set to introduce new front wing for French Grand Prix

Ferrari could be set to introduce a brand new front wing in efforts to reduce the gap to Mercedes.

The Italian team had been the initial pace-setters in winter testing but since then has fallen behind massively compared to the reigning world champions.

Suggestions have been made that the Scuderia may have gone down the wrong avenue with its front wing design, opting for an unconventional design based around generating larger amounts of outwash under the new regulations.

While the team has struggled in comparison to their rivals, according to Italian Motorsport, Ferrari could be bringing a new front wing update to the French Grand Prix that does not stray from the current concept it uses.

Another point of interest is centred around rumours that Ferrari has not used a front suspension it ran in winter testing that enabled the team to generate a larger rake on the car.

The front wing update will be the only upgrade for that race, however, with no front suspension update being brought to Paul Ricard.

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