Hulkenberg: Monaco GP went wrong wherever it could

30-05-2019 09:00
by Bobby Vincent
Hulkenberg: Monaco GP went wrong wherever it could

Nico Hulkenberg has claimed the Monaco Grand Prix "went wrong wherever it could" following his 13th-place finish in Monte Carlo.

It was a bit of a nightmare start to Hulkenberg's race, when the German was clipped by Charles Leclerc at Rascasse - with the latter having to retire not long after following a puncture. But Hulkenberg also had to pit with a similar issue.

"I had a puncture from that on the in-lap, lost a lot of time and pitted," Hulkenberg said. "And then obviously on my out-lap the Safety Car (was) deployed, so it gave everyone else an advantage of 10 seconds. So I lost a couple of positions with that."

The German driver was also unlucky later on in the race, following Antonio Giovinazzi and Robert Kubica colliding, and briefly blocking the track.

"It was just going from bad to worse," Hulkenberg admitted. "It went wrong where it could, basically."

Leclerc's move on Hulkenberg had a negative affect on both of the drivers' races, and the Renault driver has revealed he was aware of the Monegasque drivers' almost identical move on Romain Grosjean the lap before.

"My engineer told me that I so I could sense it coming but you've still got to weigh up your chances as a driver and know when it's a real opportunity or not," the German finished.

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