Perez wants to make a change to the Monaco circuit

28-05-2019 17:06
by Matt Gretton
Perez wants to make a change to the Monaco circuit

Sergio Perez is asking for a change to the Monaco seafront chicane after his battle with Kevin Magnussen. The Racing Point driver was attempting an overtake, but Magnussen just cut across the chicane.

Magnussen was given a time penalty after Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix. In the end, Perez managed to finish ahead of Magnussen in P12.

"It's very disappointing, you only have one move in Monaco, and you do it, and the car ahead cuts the chicane, and then he's aware that you're there and there's no more opportunities," Perez told Autosport.

"It's definitely something we've got to speak about. In all fairness to the car ahead, he gives space, but then he has nowhere to go."

The chicane has been part of many changes in recent times to improve the safety of the circuit. Perez suggests they should make sure cars who cut the corner, slow down more.

"I think there has to be a little chicane for the people who cut the chicane to lose sometime. It's something we have to review over the next couple of races," Perez said.

Lewis Hamilton, the eventual race winner, also cut the corner in the final stages of the race in his fight with Max Verstappen. That was deemed as a racing incident.

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