Magnussen could quit if title chances don't come around

26-05-2019 10:12
by Adam Newton
Magnussen could quit if title chances don't come around

Kevin Magnussen has said that he may quit the sport if he never gets a drive in a top team, adding that he doesn’t want to be fighting in the midfield for his entire career.

Magnussen, who has driven for McLaren, Renault and Haas, only has one podium in his F1 career, scored in his debut race in 2014, and the 26-year old says that if a chance to revisit the podium doesn’t arise, he will “do something else”.

He told Danish newspaper BT: "In the long run, I can't motivate myself to fight for seventh place or 'best or the rest', that sort of thing.

"I can only do that as long as I believe in the ultimate goal of being world champion.

"If I no longer believe in it, I'll go somewhere else where the cars are more equal, the competitors are really good racing drivers and we drive on some cool race tracks.

"I want some of the core values that Formula 1 had before, which is noise, fast cars and star drivers.”

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