Hamilton - Ferrari taking more risks than Mercedes

26-05-2019 09:39
by Joseph Tyrrell
Hamilton - Ferrari taking more risks than Mercedes

Mercedes have been far and above everyone else, this season and now Lewis Hamilton has given an insight into the team’s planning and where Ferrari could be going wrong.

Mercedes once again locked out the front row of the Monaco Grand Prix as Hamilton beat teammate, Valtteri Bottas to pole as they secured yet another dominant qualifying session. Ferrari meanwhile were caught napping, as Sebastian Vettel knocked Charles Leclerc out in Q1 as the Monegasque became a surprise first-round casualty.

Ferrari brought the home driver into the garage despite being in a precarious position and it eventually cost him.

Hamilton emphasised the importance of planning saying: “We sit down and we talk a lot the plan – even until going into Q3, we were talking about the timings and the preparation and what we were going to be doing.

“The communication is constant. That relationship is so, so important.

"We’ve got great, great people within our team that are just not making mistakes and they’re delivering on their word, as we are.

“I’ve, in the past, been sat in the garage and they’re like: “we’re on the edge, we might go out again, we might not.”

“They chose to risk it. We don’t really take many risks like that.”

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