FIA Scrap 2021 single spec gearbox plans

24-05-2019 19:09
by Bevan Youl
FIA Scrap 2021 single spec gearbox plans

The FIA have announced that they are scrapping plans to introduce a single specification of gearbox for Formula 1 in 2021.

Back in February a tender was issued for an official gearbox supplier for F1, with hopes to reduce costs for teams.
But the technical department of the FIA have recommended otherwise and to look for other means of reducing expenditure.
The statement from the FIA says: “Following detailed analysis by the FIA Technical Department of submissions to a tender process launched on 18 February 2019 for the single supply of the gearbox cassette in the FIA Formula One World Championship from 2021, the World Motor Sport Council has accepted by majority the recommendation not to appoint a single supplier for this component.
“The Council's decision was based on consideration of both technical and financial information made available by teams and suppliers. The technical data provided revealed that gearbox technology in Formula 1 has largely converged and that, as a result, there is little performance differentiation at present.

“It was also noted that, due to the complexity of the components, gearboxes remain a sensitive matter in terms of reliability, and this was factored into the evaluations of the FIA Technical Department.

"Regarding the financial implications of the tender process, detailed financial data was requested from F1 competitors and a number of teams operating different business models supplied the FIA with relevant information.

“Analysis of this revealed that similar financial savings could be made by means other than the specification of a single supplier. These methods are being discussed with the Formula 1 teams and will be included in the regulatory package to be presented by the end of June.

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