Lewis Hamilton describes a lap of Monaco "I wouldn't say it's fun"

24-05-2019 10:00
by Louis Shaw
Lewis Hamilton describes a lap of Monaco I wouldn't say it's fun

Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he doesn't have fun when driving a lap of the Monaco street circuit. The reigning world champion says that the intensity of the lap is like no other track and a slight lapse of concentration would lead to hitting the wall. However, as with every driver, Hamilton enjoys the challenge and hopes that he can master the track and come away with another race win at the end of the weekend. 

"Honestly, I wouldn't say it's fun," Hamilton said to GPFans. "It's incredibly intense out there. You have to be so focused, just the smallest mistake…

"When you look into Tabac, for example, the speed you're going towards that corner… and it's just a wall in front of you. Going up the hill to Casino it's the same thing.

"So it's no joke and whilst it's definitely always a great thing to drive the car it's just so intense."

The British racer started to talk about how the circuit has changed and how it is so hard to overtake. 

"It's definitely noticeable there's a lot less room on the circuit. I was behind one car that was just on an out-lap and I couldn't get by.

"Unfortunately it's not a great racing track, but it's a great track to drive single laps on.

"I don't know if there's anything they can do for the future in terms of the race setup.

"We're just doing a long stint where it's a one-stop for everyone on Sunday – most likely a train, we already know that's going to be the case.

"I wonder if in the future… they keep changing the technical rules for the car but it's probably other things that could also change."

Hamilton will hope to put in a fast lap on Saturday and be leading the "train" of cars on Sunday and claim victory at the famous Monaco Grand Prix. 

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