Mark Webber tells Ferrari to focus on 2020 soon

23-05-2019 13:19
by Matt Gretton
Mark Webber tells Ferrari to focus on 2020 soon

Mark Webber believes Ferrari should switch focus to 2020 pretty soon. So far, Mercedes have been dominant and have only dropped three points in the Formula 1 world championship.

Webber suggests the Italian team should forget about 2019 if they have another tough weekend in Monaco.

"If it goes on for three months, then Ferrari must point the focus at next year. Well, if they are still behind in Canada, they face a major problem," the Australian told Motorsport.

Even though Ferrari has been dishing out upgrades, the form doesn't seem to be improving. Last time out, Max Verstappen managed to beat the two Ferrari cars to a podium. Webber, a former teammate of Sebastian Vettel, gives praise to Mercedes for their full operation.

"Mercedes is extremely well organised, all the more on racing days. Not only are they confident and relaxed, but they also perform strongly under pressure," Webber added.

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