Binotto on the importance of Qualifying: "It's impossible to overtake" at Monaco

22-05-2019 12:00
by Louis Shaw
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Binotto on the importance of Qualifying: It's impossible to overtake at Monaco

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto believes that the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most technical races on the grid and believes that qualifying is going to be vital for a strong performance on Sunday. The Italian also praised Niki Lauda's involvement in the sport after his passing earlier this week. 

“Last week’s testing in Barcelona and analyses carried out in Maranello confirmed just how much this year’s tyres, which are very different to those we had in 2018, require different mechanical and aerodynamic settings to work properly,” said Binotto to RaceFans.

Looking ahead to the Monaco Grand Prix the Ferrari boss analysed his teams chance of success. 

“It’s a very different sort of race, where the track characteristics that can shake up the order could be jumbled up still further this weekend.

“As usual, qualifying will be very important because of the fact it’s almost impossible to overtake.”

Binotto opened up on the loss of Niki Lauda. 

“The run-up to this Monaco Grand Prix has been perturbed by our sadness at the news of Niki’s death,” said Binotto. “His straightforward, no-nonsense approach will be missed in Formula 1 and it will seem strange for all of us not seeing him in the paddock.

“Niki was a standard-bearer for Ferrari and for Formula 1 and he pushed through changes in motor racing that made it even more professional, being ahead of his time in terms of being a stickler for detail which is now very much a key element of our sport.”

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