Kvyat: Driving Monaco is what I enjoy most about the weekend

21-05-2019 19:33
by Jake Williams-Smith
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Kvyat: Driving Monaco is what I enjoy most about the weekend

Daniil Kvyat says he is eager to get out on track for the Monaco Grand Prix, adding that driving the historic track is his highlight of the weekend.

Full of glitz, glamour and frenzied media and celebrity attention, the Monaco Grand Prix stands out as one of the jewels in the Formula 1 crown and is a special race for all the drivers.

Ahead of the 2019 race, Kvyat says he is looking forward to returning to the Principality, having been absent from the 2018 event after being dropped by Toro Rosso the previous year.

Ahead of his return with the team to Monaco, Kvyat says it is a track that demands the utmost respect from the drivers in order to be fast.

“Monaco is a special circuit, narrow with the walls really close as you race through the town. When you first get out on track for practice, you have to progress cautiously and build up speed gradually as this is a track that demands respect," he said in the team's Monaco preview.

"Then we go quicker and quicker each lap until you find your limit. Although the actual speeds you do in Monaco are slower than any other track, it feels very fast from inside the car!

"That’s because the barriers are so near which means the track feels narrow and you get a real impression of speed. It’s cool and pretty unique!

"Over the weekend, you are aware that the Monaco race is historic and special, with so many events taking place in the Principality, but my job is to put that aside and concentrate on driving the car, which to be honest, is the most special part of the weekend.

"Driving on that track is what I like the most about the whole event.”

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