Hockenheim organisers "don't know" if they'll have a race in 2020

21-05-2019 14:25
by Adam Newton
Hockenheim organisers don't know if they'll have a race in 2020

The German Grand Prix has been in doubt for a long time, ever since the Nurburgring dropped off the calendar, and with ticket sales falling, the event could fall off the calendar altogether.

With Sebastian Vettel seemingly out of contention for the title this season, crowds are expected to fall once again and the circuit has no confirmation of next season’s event.

Hockenheim’s marketing director Jorn Teske told Autosport: "Our position is that we would like to have a race.

"There is an option in place in our contract, which is not up to us. And basically we need to wait and see what will happen.

"We made a one-year agreement for 2019, with this option for 2020 under the same conditions.

"We had some discussions during the Barcelona weekend.

"But actually we don't know for the moment.

"We know that we had a fantastic race last year with a big crowd and an amazing atmosphere at the race track. This led to the race this year.

"And we had the same situation at this time last year, that we didn't know if we had a race next year."

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