Sainz says "it would be a shame" to lose Spanish GP

16-05-2019 15:43
by Adam Newton
Sainz says it would be a shame to lose Spanish GP

Carlos Sainz has expressed his disappointment at the potential of losing his home race in Barcelona, despite yet another disappointing race at the Circuit de Catalunya last time out.

It was another drab affair at last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix and with the Dutch GP at Zandvoort confirmed, there have been heavy rumours that the race will be dropped.

Sainz told “It would be a shame to lose this grand prix. I think everyone agrees that basically we need to create a bit better of a show.

“For me it was a big push to be racing in front of my crowd. I could see them quite fired up before the race in Turn 5, and that extra push I think without the crowd, or the feeling at home, wouldn’t have happened.

“My grandstand is full because people like me, but don’t forget that people are coming from all around Europe.”

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