Peter Windsor gives praise to Honda: "You are doing a fantastic job"

16-05-2019 09:42
by Matt Gretton
Peter Windsor gives praise to Honda: You are doing a fantastic job

Red Bull's Max Verstappen managed to beat both Ferrari cars to get a podium during the Spanish Grand Prix for the second time in the 2019 Formula 1 season. Former Williams manager and F1 journalist can only give praise to the Honda team.

“Honda doesn't seem to get a lot of compliments at the moment, so I'll just do it: Honda, we love you. You are doing a fantastic job in Formula 1 right now," says Windsor, looking back at the weekend in Spain.

McLaren had a disastrous time with the Japanese engine manufacturer only a couple of seasons ago. Windsor goes on to compliment the relationship between Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Honda.

“What do people think at McLaren? Well, of course, we know the answer to that, namely that they were unable to manage Honda. They didn't give them the chance to do their job."

“Red Bull, on the other hand, does make the right choices and therefore gets the most out of the collaboration. I never understood why McLaren was not willing to do more about the relationship with Honda. Now they have Renault as an engine supplier and of course, you get pretty good performance. But that is where it ends"

Despite dishing out this praise, Windsor doesn't see Red Bull recording back-to-back race wins in Monaco.

“It would really surprise me if Ferrari didn't win. They are at least as fast as Red Bull, possibly faster thanks to the engine modes. I see Charles Leclerc take the win in his home race," Windsor suggested.

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