Carlos Sainz believes "you know basically what's going to happen in every race"

15-05-2019 18:02
by Louis Shaw
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Carlos Sainz believes you know basically what's going to happen in every race

Carlos Sainz believes that the loss of the Spanish Grand Prix would be damaging for Formula 1. The McLaren driver believes that there are now too many tracks on the calendar which see the same people win each year which is bad for the spectators and ultimately the sport.  

"It would be a shame to lose this Grand Prix. I think everyone agrees that basically, we need to create a bit better of a show," Sainz said to when asked about the Spanish Grand Prix. 

"The crowd is not going to come here to see always the same result, always the same people winning, and we need to see something more. See more people on the podiums, winning, to make F1 more attractive."

"And I think we will see, maybe except for Britain where people are crazy for F1, that it's very difficult to attract people to the tracks when there's always the same people winning and the same results always happening.

"You know basically what's going to happen in every race."

Formula 1 will hope that it can become more exciting and perhaps they aim to do this by changing the circuits. 

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